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Digital revamping is the intervention of updating and restructuring of machinery and industrial equipment, integrated with new digital technologies, with the purpose of increasing flexibility, adapting the characteristics to more advanced standards, gathering data, and extending the life cycle in the production process.

Today, more than ever, digital transformation and technological innovation are indispensable levers to strengthen the competitiveness of businesses. With digital revamping, it is possible to give new value to the systems and technologies present in the company, and to manage in real time the data necessary to make [TO TAKE] quick decisions. All in a perspective of sustainability and increasing productivity.

We spoke about this subject in a dedicated webinar with Corrado Felice La Forgia, VP of Operations and Managing Director of Bosch VHIT, and Riccardo Sesini, Innovation Technology Team Leader for Digitisation at Bosch VHIT, with the participation of some Friulian enterprises that have already adopted revamping solutions in their organisations.

To find out more, in-depth materials are available, highlighted during the webinar dedicated to revamping, organised by the Agency.

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