Agency for Sustainability

Agency for Sustainability

The Agenzia Lavoro & SviluppoImpresa supports sustainability, delineating it in the lines of its strategic plan and in its activities, promoting and collaborating on awareness-raising initiatives and projects, and supporting the implementation of good practices.

In the strategic plan

In the strategic plan of the Agency, particular attention is paid to three interconnected dimensions, which have fundamental importance for the achievement of concrete results in terms of sustainability and speak of:

• new generations

• circular economy

• sustainable development goals (UN SDGs)

In activities
The Agency also supports sustainability in its activities:

Attracting Investments
In respect to attracting investment, the Agency has identified the following areas of valorisation in terms of sustainable development:

·  Valuing sustainable business initiatives also in the key of positioning Friuli Venezia Giulia as a region attentive to sustainability and open to new sustainable settlements;

· Prioritising the support of investments that respect the objectives of sustainable development, also as possible recipients of support from international funds and European institutions;

· Prioritising sustainable investments, also as they are more stable

Dissemination of opportunities
In relation to activities for the dissemination of regional opportunities, the Agency plans to:

· Collaborate with regional initiatives for new businesses in the field of sustainability

· Value sustainable business initiatives

Promote innovation
In relation to actions aimed at encouraging open innovation, the Agency plans to:

· Give greater visibility to innovations oriented to the 17 SDGs

Support regional policies
In relation to activities in support of regional policies, the Agency plans to give particular attention to:

· Develop sustainability as an inseparable dimension in the planning of public policies

Regional measures in which the Agency is involved
Among the numerous measures introduced by the SviluppoImpresa Law to support sustainable economic development, the Agenzia Lavoro & SviluppoImpresa, in synergy with the Central Directorates responsible for work and production activities, is called upon to assume an active role, in particular for the following interventions:

- In relation to activities of attracting investment, the Agency gathers expressions of interest correlated to the incentives for settlement, directed at attracting investments with a high employment impact;

- In the framework of the priorities to be developed in favour of productivity, the Agency collaborates in the activation of territorial forms of corporate welfare, with an offer of activities dedicated to the realisation of the project and the activation of a dedicated platform.

Agency joins the project “I support sustainability – ARDIS”
The Agency has joined the project initiated by ARDIS FVG “I Support Sustainability” which raises awareness of the sustainable development goals among students and universities, thus committing itself in the daily performance of its activities to the protection of the environment, to recycling, to water preservation, to the fight against food waste, and to the indiscriminate use of plastics and pollutants.

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