Strategic plan

The Agenzia Lavoro & SviluppoImpresa was born with the 2019 Stability Law as an innovative project promoted by the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, to promote the economic and employment development of the territory. It works in support of the Region in the planning, design, and direction of the occupational and investment policies of the regional entrepreneurial system. It prepares and implements the territorial marketing Programme to promote the establishment of new business initiatives. It carries out study, research, analysis, and monitoring activities in economic matters on behalf of the Region. The Agenzia Lavoro & SviluppoImpresa has adopted a three-year strategic plan, drawn up on the basis of directions given by the Region and the results of dialogue and consultation with stakeholders and with a significant cross-section of businesses involved in the productive fabric of the region.

The strategic lines

• Attracting investments to strengthen regional productive sectors

With this action, the Agency has set itself the objective of increasing the visibility of Friuli Venezia Giulia, contribute to improving the connections between businesses, and attract new investments.

• Disseminate and accompany

With this line, the Agency aims to disseminate regional opportunities and make them more accessible, and support companies in projects to develop their activities as well as in the various procedures provided for in the legislation of the sector, streamlining and simplifying their use.

• Innovating with digitisation

The Agenzia Lavoro & SviluppoImpresa encourages digital innovation and contributes to the dissemination of the culture of digitisation by supporting the initiatives promoted by the Region in close collaboration with all the actors in the regional system.

• Supporting regional policies for work and productive activities

In the areas identified by the Region, the Agency provides studies, research, data, analysis, monitoring, proposals for incentive instruments, and support for the elaboration of strategic and regulatory documents in order to help link the needs of the productive and entrepreneurial sector and the activities of public and private entities competent in the field of productive activities and labour policies.

Transparent Administration

Documents and information for a transparent administration.

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