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Benefit Societies represent an evolution of the very concept of the company: alongside and in addition to profit, the economic activity includes, among its aims, also a positive impact on the people and on the environment.

Since January 2016, Italy, the first in Europe and first in the world outside the USA in this field, has introduced the form of the Benefit Society, allowing benefit enterprises to stand out in the market with an innovative and sustainable legal form.

Since then, this model, although still little known, has begun to spread as a possible development of the corporate structure or, in certain cases, to be adopted right from the company’s initial constitution.

The recognition of the Benefit Society has enabled the creation of new paths of growth for entrepreneurs, and new opportunities for attracting investors attentive to the impact of their investments and for attracting talent.

We talked about Benefit Societies in a dedicated webinar, together with some entrepreneurs who have adopted the new corporate formula or are experimenting with new organisational formulas.

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