Team for recovery

To support businesses in Friuli Venezia Giulia
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Description and objectives

The “Team for recovery” project promoted by the Agenzia Lavoro & SviluppoImpresa is live. The project aims to support companies in Friuli Venezia Giulia in using the numerous opportunities made available by the Region, accompanying them in the various procedures envisaged by the sector regulations. The team is made up of a pool of qualified professionals, drawn from the Agenzia Lavoro & SviluppoImpresa, Cata, Catt Fvg, Confindustria, and Confapi, who operate in synergy to satisfy all the requests for information and support that arrive daily at the Agency.

Services offered:
- Assistance and information on the administrative formalities necessary to access the support measures enacted for the epidemiological emergency or other existing measures;
 - Support to resolve any administrative problems;
- Facilitation of direct contact with the Public Administrations/entities involved in the various procedures;
 - Support in the use of digital tools for businesses.

Enterprises from all sectors, with a particular focus on small businesses.

Agenzia Lavoro & SviluppoImpresa
Tel. 040 3772491

Transparent Administration

Documents and information for a transparent administration.

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