Description and objectives

Agenzia Lavoro & SviluppoImpresa is an instrumental entity of the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia which has the task of bringing the regional policies for productive activities and work closer to the needs of companies, and to make them more well-known, knowable, used and usable.

With the PA PEOPLE project, the Agency has tried to find, in the most recent elaborations on the evolution of organisational models, formulas that allow innovation, enhancing the lean nature of the structure. Among the different paths available, with this project the Agency has adopted, on an experimental basis, certain instruments inspired by the paradigm of the so-called Teal organisations. In particular, with regards to the internal operations of the Teams and working groups, the Agency has applied the formula of self-organisation among the participants for the definition of the best ways of carrying out activitie

The PA PEOPLE project was chosen as a case study of innovative organisation by EMMAP - the Executive Master in Management of Public Administration - of the Bocconi University of Milan, which has analysed the starting context and the organisational methods of the Agency to provide useful indications for improving services and actions.

Transparent Administration

Documents and information for a transparent administration.

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